Why Blendily is handmade

You’ve likely heard the term before, “Handmade with Love,”  and that’s because something that is made by hand from start to finish requires full attention and intention from one person. If you haven’t made something by hand in awhile, find some time to slow down and make something with your hands. It is immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

“Handmade” is part of the foundation of Blendily. Our skincare products are all made in-house, and many of the herbs used in our products are grown or foraged locally.

Surely, machines have contributed immensely to society; without the industrial revolution, agricultural production could not have kept up with the population growth that followed World War II.  Yet, coupled with globalization, we are now so often distantly separated from the goods that we use daily, from the people that make the things that we use, from the land and sea that grows the food that we eat.  We have steadily forgotten how to take care of ourselves from our own environs as a result.

We hope Blendily can be an antidote to the profit-driven, fast-paced, careless consumerism. We enjoy and take pride in the process.  We hope to empower people to become more connected to nature and local communities.  A machine from afar may make a more economical product, but it cannot give you the same connection from hand to hand, heart to heart.