Our Sustainability Commitment

Environmental and social responsibility is at the forefront of our decision making at Blendily. We wanted to share some of the things we are doing in the realm of sustainability. 

Process - 

We hand make all of our products in store and we procure the ingredients as close to our store as possible. This has an impact in a few ways: it keeps money in the local economy, it supports small businesses, and reduces the carbon footprint of our products. 

Packaging - 

The vast majority of our packaging is glass based, but the lids and dispensing tops are plastic as we have not found alternatives available. We limit our waste by reusing as much as we can and invite our customers to return our packaging to us. We ship our products without bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts, using corrugated recycled kraft paper for cushioning. 

To learn more about our refill program and how to recycle our products click here


Store Waste - 

We separate our waste into general waste, recycling, and compost in alignment with the options available within the City of Portland.  

Community Impact - 

Blendily is committed to uplifting and empowering non-profit and grassroots organizations & initiatives that align with our core values. 

We hold monthly meetings to consider avenues of support.

Here is a list of organizations & initiatives we have supported in the past or are currently supporting:

IRCO - Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization 

SEI - Self Enhancement Inc.

Black Feast - Love Letters to Black Folks

HMPC - Hay Market Pole Collective

SCRAP - Scrap Creative Reuse