What to pack for your next camping trip?

A week or weekend getaway in to the wilderness is a great way to connect with nature and take time for yourself. When venturing out into nature there are many items to keep in your arsenal to enhance and prepare for your time outside.

Ouch first aid balm


Ouch! First-Aid Balm 

With all of the hiking and exploring you will be doing, an accident is bound to happen! Our Ouch! First-Aid Balm is a must to carry with you on all of your favorite adventures. Yarrow, St. John’s Wort, and Neem all work together to stop bleeding, disinfect the affected area, and soothe skin lesions.


Comfrey Comfort sore joint rub

After long days of adventures your body is sure to get sore and tired this balm is here to save the day. With the combination of comfrey, nettle, and ginger root, they work together to smooth the skin with a warming sensation. 

*for extra reprieve put Comfrey Comfort Sore Joint Rub on your feet and slip on some socks to really moisturize the feet*




The perfect multiple purpose product to keep packing light on your adventures. Either one of our soaps are perfect to bring with you, to use when washing your hands, or when you jump in shower to use on your body or face.


A mix of essential oils to aid you in case of headache! Keep Tension Attention with you as you explore, in case of unwanted stress, the small rollerball makes it perfect to keep on you at all times.


Acne Adieu blemish treatment

For when those annoying breakouts find you even when your on the go. Acne Adieu uses great ingredients like Witch Hazel and Tea Tree,  two ingredients know to help fight acne both during the breakout and to prevent. 


Cool as a Cucumber facial toner

On a warm summer day, enjoying the outdoors by maybe hiking, hanging on the lake, or more, you need something to hydrate and refresh. Look no further than our Cool as a Cucumber Toner, with refreshing cucumber and aloe vera juice your face will thank you later.


Whatever your lip are dry and in need of help we have a lip balm for you! From our Lip Lemonade, with smells of summer, Peppermint Pucker Lip conditioner, scents of the winter months, and Gimme Grapefruit smelling of strong bitter citrus. 



The perfect reusable cloth to keep with you throughout your travels. Use to dry off your face after washing it or for any other easy clean ups. 

Now you are ready for your next great adventure outside, whether it's a small hike or trekking through the mountains!