How to Hang Dry Herbs + Flowers

You don't need a dehydrator to dry your herbs and flowers. People have been drying plants by hanging them for hundreds of years. The hang dried herbs retain their essential oils, medicinal properties, the shape of the leaf, and tend to last longer. Not to mention, they look so beautiful! 
How to Hang Dry Herbs + Flowers: 
  • Gently harvest your plants in the cool of the morning. The essential oils are in the highest concentration in the leaves in the morning. 
  • Make a bundle that is around the circumference of a hand hold. 
  • Strip the leafy parts from the area where you will bind the bundle. 
  • Cut a length of butcher string.
  • Set the string down and place the plant bundle on the string. 
  • Tie the bundle. You can also experiment with fancy knots to make it easier to open the bundles later. 
  • Hang the bundle upside down in a place that doesn't have much direct sunlight.You can hang a single bundle with tape or you can put two bundles on a single string and throw them over a hook. We hang ours on a ladder for a beautiful effect! 
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