Ginkgo Glow Facial Exfoliator

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Key Benefits
▪ Exfoliant
▪ Antioxidant
▪ Anti-inflammatory
▪ Astringent

An exfoliating mix of ginkgo leaf and grains provides a great texture to slough off dead facial skin.

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An exfoliating mix of ginkgo leaf and grains provides a great texture to slough off dead facial skin.

Our Ginkgo Glow exfoliator combines the antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects of ginkgo leaf with a fine polishing texture of brown rice & garbanzo flours. Clary Sage & Blood Orange essential oils lend their astringent & antibacterial properties and provide an uplifting scent to the mixture.

The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest living plant species on the planet and is often called a living fossil. Ginkgo Glow provides a gateway to ancient plant energy to brighten your complexion.

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Gingko Biloba Leaf, Brown Rice Flour, Garbanzo Flour, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Blood Orange Essential Oil
Combine a teaspoon of exfoliator with water or cleanser. Apply to face, avoiding the eyes, and gently scrub in circular motions. Rinse with warm water and follow with a toner and moisturizer. Recommended use of 2-3 times per week.
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about our ingredients

Blendily’s ingredients are as close to the origin as possible.

- We grow and gather the flora from our own garden and in the surrounding wild forests and landscapes.

- We support local farmers and purveyors that honor the land that they cultivate.

- When we do source exotic botanicals from afar, we ensure that the ingredients bear the Organic seal or we have personally visited the supplier directly.

How it's made

Each and every product is hand-made in the store. The flowers, herbs, oils, butters, waxes, hydrosols, extracts, and essential oils used in our products are all on display. Our process and products are so transparent, you can come watch us make them. No hidden agendas, proprietary blends, or chemicals of concern. Everything is available to see, smell, feel, and even taste. Our garden and distillation atelier is located 5 blocks away from the Flagship store. 

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