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Carry courage

The ideas and heart behind Carry Courage began in 2018 as a creative outlet for owner Marisa Simoes and has quickly become a pioneer of the sustainable fashion movement that creates organizing solutions for intentional women. 

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Colibri Canada

Colibri Canada is defining the landscape of reusable, household products and is committed to providing the best quality possible. Colibri products are tested and certified ensuring they meet both FDA and Health Canada standards for food safety.

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The coco bee

Coco bee's founder Kylie started working with local beekeepers and was determined to create candles that actually smelled good without the headaches + hives.

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It's all about the details. You love texture, good design and have a great sense of humor. Rebecca is driven to create handmade pottery that adds beauty to your life and sometimes makes you laugh out loud. You won't want to stop touching it.

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Founded by Wisconsin native Cassandra Thurswell at the age of 25, Kitsch is a global beauty powerhouse built on positivity and pure hard work. The brand supports its growing community with easy, elevated beauty solutions that are totally reliable, truly special, and made as sustainably as possible.

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Joye Made clay

Joye is an oregon based potter with designs inspired by the simplicity of life.

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Papaya Reusables

Papaya reusable is the home of the Reusable Paper Towel! Just one Papaya sheet replaces 17 rolls of disposable paper towel! They're all natural, never smell & are 100% compostable.

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Plantish Future's mission is to provide eco-friendly home and bathroom swaps that make your daily hustles and errands more sustainable.

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The Truthbrush

Truthbrush is the only B-Corp certified oral care company in the UK, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

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Willow Ship

Willow Ship was started in 2011 Blake Kahan, a new mom at the time, working as an Art Director in San Francisco. Looking for more life flexibility and the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, she left the commuting-downtown life and started a textile studio in her basement.

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