Blendily Collaborators: Kristy Drutman

Blendily Team - Tell us a little about you! 

Kristy - I’m California born and raised in a Jewish and Filipino household. I’m a content creator & educator who wants to create greater diversity and inclusion in environmental advocacy work. Maintaining humor, sensitivity, and deep, intentional relationships are all deeply important to me in my journey.

Blendily Team - What are you passionate about?

Kristy - I’m passionate about environmental justice- fighting for those who deserve clean air, water, and a healthy environment

Blendily Team - What are your best self-care rituals?

Kristy - My best self-care ritual is drinking water daily, exfoliating my skin more often, and moisturizing my body.

Blendily Team - What makes you feel beautiful?

Kristy - Connecting deeply with other people in a way that feels vulnerable and authentic.

Blendily Team - What are some of your favorite Blendily products?

Kristy - Mojito Mio exfoliating scrub & the strawberry secret lip scrub!

Find Kristy on Instagram @browngirlgreen