Family: Asteraceae

Genus & Species:Chrysanthemum morifolium
Common Name: Chrysanthemum
Overview: Chrysanthemums are popular multi-petalled flowers native to Asia and northeastern Europe, but now propagated all over the world. Most species originate from East Asia, and China has the most extensive spectrum of varieties and cultivars.  The word “chrysanthemum” actually comes from the Greek words for gold – chrysos – and flower – anthemom. [1]
Typically Chrysanthemum is consumed as a tea utilizing smaller yellow or white blooms. The leaves, stalks and root can also be used, but are less commonly so.
Therapeutic Properties: Chrysanthemum has a long history in Traditional Chinese medicine as a cooling herb. Its healing properties are especially linked to the lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys. [2]
Typical Uses: Chrysanthemum is often used to treat cold and flu, headache, blurred vision, red eyes, dizziness, and skin sores. It is typically consumed as a tea, but can also be in decoction, pill or powder forms. [3]


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