Blendily Company Culture

Blendily’s goal is to build a lasting entity that evolves, resonates & inspires people (starting from within) to be well & live splendidly.
All employees’ personal/professional goals are nurtured, work/life balance is paramount, open communication is essential. We proactively prevent burnout by creating a work environment that allows employees to make their optimal contribution. The journey is the reward, and any segment traveled with Blendily will have a positive echo, even on a departure.
We encourage curiosity & exploration and strive to be an idealistic radical brand. Employees take ownership of their responsibilities and are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table continually.

At the base line, we stay humble, respect each other, take pride in our work, support each other with a team mentality (bringing out our strengths & best qualities), and most importantly, have fun!

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