Prep for Sandal Season

Tis the season, that is... sandal season! With spring in full bloom and summer shining around the corner, are you ready? We’re here to help put your best foot forward! 

Dry skin and cracked heels are rough to deal with, but can easily be treated with some care. It’s natural for our skin, especially feet, to be dry during winter days. 

Here are tips on how to give yourself an at-home pedicure experience for soft and moisturized feet.

The Walk This Way Foot Scrub is a great two-in-one to soak and scrub for your feet. Simply massage the scrub on the dry and rough areas of your foot, rinse, and soak feet into warm water for a few minutes.

Once your feet are softened after soaking, we recommend the Terracotta Foot Scrubber to remove calluses and other rough skin that needs more attention. With two different surfaces - one for scrubbing and one for buffing - this tool is a stable to have!

Finally moisturize those toes with our Lavender Lane Whipped Body Butter or At Last Skin Rescue Balm. To maintain soft feet, it helps moisturize often and to wear slippers around the house when possible.