Our Promise to Future Generations

Blendily is committed to dismantling the systems of oppression & hate that are an evolution of colonialism, white supremacy and patriarchy.

We are a company that believes that an equitable future beyond Capitalism must be imagined. We believe that a diverse and inclusive future beyond Racism, Sexism, Xenophobia, Ableism, and Ageism is obtainable if we seat compassion in our hearts and embrace our differences.

For far too long, planet & people have suffered for the profits that line the pockets of few in so-called ‘affluent nations’. For far too long, people & planet have suffered at the mercy of autocratic governments that operate with iron fists, often silencing minorities and pillaging the land with their policies.

Undoing centuries of harm is not going to be a timely, organized progression. 

It will require a collective tide of consciousness to reshape our communities. 


Today, Earth Day 2021, we are making this promise to future generations.

We promise to be stewards of the Earth and its inhabitants. 

We promise not to sugarcoat our initiatives with toxic positivity or false hope.

We promise to hold steadfast and work tirelessly to open pathways for future generations to thrive.

We plan to unveil our strategy & approach in the coming months and look forward to more dialogue with those that are also resolutely passionate about creating the harmonious future that we want to see.

Ivy Chuang, April 22, 2021