Gathering Camellias

Camellias are one of the first flowers to bloom in the year. The budding bright pink and red blooms start to appear all around Portland usually starting in February. Camellia japonica are among the most common garden varieties. Camellia sinensis leaves are cultivated and processed as tea. Camellia oleifera seeds are pressed for oil.  

Camellias hold a special place at Blendily because the timing of its arrival demarks the parade of flowers for the rest of the year. When the cheery pink flowers pierce the grey & brown muted palette of Winter, it marks the beginning of the crescendo of plant energy to come. The bloom cycle lasts through May, allowing for a few gathering sessions.  

Blendily products that use Camellia:

La Vie en Rose Soap

Shine On Herbal Hair Oil

Curly Cat Conditioning Balm

Almonds Away Cleansing Oil

Spring Soiree Bath Salts

Spring Soiree Loofah Wheel

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