Blendily creates a spectrum of botanic wellness products for selfcare & ritual. We use fresh plants & flowers in our creations that we grow & gather ourselves, or source directly from farms & purveyors that honor the land that they cultivate. Our mission is to spread botanic magic.

Preservative free
Zero waste

Our Ingredient Philosophy

Blendily’s ingredients are as close to the origin as possible. 

We grow and gather the flora from our own garden and in the surrounding wild Pacific Northwest forests and landscapes.

We support farmers and purveyors that honor the land that they cultivate. 

When we do source exotic botanicals from afar and do not have a farm-direct relationship, we purchase from Organic-certified operations.

Similar to 'farm-to-table' restaurants, our 'seed-to-soul' botanic kitchens create wellness products imbued with the imprint of the spirit of the land.

The flowers, herbs, oils, butters, waxes, hydrosols, extracts, and essential oils used in our products are all on display. Come visit our botanic kitchens to get a first-hand look at how our products are made!

Learn more about our sustinability commitment here.

Our Skincare Philosophy

We advocate an intuitive skincare philosophy. We believe that skincare is a journey without destination. Skincare is a deeply personal experience and there are no boundaries or limitations to how one develops their own routine. Blendily is an antidote to chemical-laden, mass-manufactured cosmetics. Blendily is a reclamation of forgotten beauty rituals. Blendily is an invitation to experience botanical magic.

Ivy Chuang


The Blendily story began in 2012 with the birth of my daughter. She was the impetus for the journey and is a continual source of inspiration & motivation. With the birth of Azure (we call her 'Zuzu), the course of my life changed. With her arrival, I retired my futile quest for unattainable beauty in the sake of vanity, and delved into studying botanicals. Blendily became a reality in the Spring of 2014 when I sold my first handmade products in a garden shed pop-up.

In the years since, I've come to know intimately the lifecycle of plants and their sacred healing properties. I couldn't have imagined my current profession, botanic alchemist, in my youth. The modern World has long forgotten many of the ancient rites & rituals of generations past.

I've awakened to the power of botanicals and understand that much of the despair that many people feel is because of a disconnect with the land and climate in their surroundings. I know today, that my life's work is to build bridges over that disconnect, helping people discover the knowledge that was lost.

I am honored to be a flume for botanical magic & herbal wisdom, channeling peace and love to all.