How to Double Cleanse

At the end of every day, regardless of what you've put on your skin, it's important to take it off. I'm a big fan of double-cleansing every night before bed. A double-cleanse typically consists of an oil cleanse as the first step and a gel/lotion/cream cleanser as a second step.

Step 1:

A first step cleanse typically consists of an oil-based cleanser which is particularly effective at removing makeup, sunscreen, sweat, sebum and dirt. An oil cleanser can be massaged into the skin with or without water. It helps to break down makeup, sunscreen, and everything else to allow for an easier removal with a wash cloth or with a second-step cleanser. When using a wash cloth to remove, dampen it with warm water and gently swipe across the face so you don't cause any tears or irritation by being too rough.

An oil cleanse can also be the only cleanser used if you have particularly dry skin or wear little to no makeup.

Blendily's Almonds Away Cleansing Oil is formulated with 3 different oils of varying viscosity to effectively remove dirt and makeup. Added bonus: it smells like an almond cookie which makes the entire experience that much more wonderful.

Step 2:

The second step in a double-cleanse routine consists of your typical cleanser. There are several different kinds of cleansers (gel, lotion, cream) which contain varying ingredients and can help with different skincare concerns. The second step helps to remove all remaining traces of dirt, makeup and/or sunscreen from your skin, as well as thoroughly cleansing the skin so serums, toners and moisturizers can sink in and do their job.

Aloe Honey is our best-selling cleanser and is gentle yet effective for your double-cleanse routine. Featuring only 6 ingredients including Aloe, which helps to keep the skin moisturized and reduce inflammation; Honey, which is naturally anti-bacterial, acne-reducing, and toning; and Saponified Olive Oil, which allows for an effective cleanse that does not strip the skin of it's natural oil and disrupt the essential skin barrier. Aloe Honey is gentle enough that it can also be used in the morning before applying your skincare products, and of course, your sunscreen!

Tulsi Thyme is our newest cleanser that great for those a foaming cleanse that doesn't strip the skin of moisture. This coconut oil based facial cleanser will leave your face feeling luxurious with its silky lather. Tulsi, revered in Ayurvedic tradition as an sacred herb, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and soothes and cools the skin. The healing properties of thyme also help to combat unwanted facial blemishes while promoting circulation and a healthy glow.

Always follow up your cleansing routine with moisturizer and sun protection. Feel free to email us if you have any questions!