Blendily Collaborators: Meet Moji Igun

Blendily Team - Tell us a little about you!

Moji - I'm Moji! I live in Seattle. I'm extremely nerdy about plants, cats, and sustainable small businesses and I'm the founder of a zero waste + sustainability consulting company called Blue Daisi Consulting.

Blendily Team - What are you passionate about?

Moji - I get a lot of energy from learning new things and applying that knowledge to make the world better in whatever way I can. Right now, I'm in the process of learning more about my Nigerian heritage.

Blendily Team - What are your best self-care rituals?

Moji - I tend to keep my weekends completely unscheduled. It helps me make more space for rest and spontaneity.

Blendily Team - What makes you feel beautiful?

Moji - When I feel healthy, I feel beautiful. I do my best to take care of myself so that can be the case more often than not.

Blendily Team - What are some of your favorite Blendily products?

Moji - I'm a sucker for a good facial oil so the Golden Hour Facial Oil Serum is one of my favorite parts of my nightly routine. I also really love the facial mask powders.

Thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself.

Find Moji at @hippiemoji