Smooth Legs Ritual

Summer is here and for those of us who shave, its the perfect time for smooth buttery legs!

We have the perfect shaving routine to keep you feeling smooth all summer long (or year round for that matter)

Step 1: To get those legs feeling soft you’ll want to start with exfoliating. Hop in your shower and use our Mojito Mio Sugar Body Scrub on your legs or all over your body if you’d like! The scrub uses cane sugar and epsom salt to rub off the dead skin and the combination of peppermint, lemon and lime essential oils to give that citirusing summery aroma. You’ll be left with silky legs and smelling of a tropical giveaway.

Step 2: Time to get that hair off! Using our rose gold safety razor shave your legs as you would any other time.

Step 3: Now time to moisturize! Grab the Lavender Lane Whipped Body Butter and indulge your skin in this luxurious body butter. The combination of coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter are what make the skin moisturized. Perfect for keeping your legs soft and smooth all summer long. 

With 3 easy steps you’ll have the smooth legs that you, or other, won’t want to stop touching.